SHM's Medication Reconciliation (MARQUIS)
Data Pharmacist Training
Part 2


Data Pharmacist Training 2 is the second half of the Data Pharmacist training course.

In advance of watching the webinar, data pharmacists should review the John Doe Case Homework and complete the Gold Standard (GS) Medication column for each medication on pages 1 and 2 of the "Appx4_Med Comparison Worksheet" forms (they will need to use multiple copies of page 2 of the form).

Once that is complete, data pharmacists should proceed to watch the webinar, "MARQUIS Pharmacist Training 2." They should print "John Doe's Information for Discrepancies" and have it (and the partially completed med comparison worksheet forms) available while watching the webinar so that they can complete the rest of the case during the webinar.

They should not print out the Answer Key document until after the webinar is over. The FAQ document is for reference.

Total Time to Complete: Approx. 2 hours

Step 1: John Doe Case for Pharmacists


Step 2: John Doe's Information for Discrepancies


Step 3: Medicine Comparison Worksheet
Page 1


Step 4: Medicine Comparison Worksheet
Page 2


Step 5: MARQUIS Pharmacist Training Video 2


Step 6: MARQUIS2 Pharmacist FAQ


Step 7: John Doe Case Answer Key


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