SHM's Medication Reconsiliation (MARQUIS)
Data Pharmacist Training
Part 1


The Data Pharmacist Training materials are for hospitals to use to train pharmacists at their institution on how to collect data on unintentional medication discrepancies.

Please review the MARQUIS2 abstract and MARQUIS Introduction Slide Deck, then proceed to watch the 90-minute training webinar "MARQUIS Pharmacist Training 1." The High Performance Checklist and the MARQUIS BPMH Tri Fold Pocket Card are reference materials.

Total Time to Complete: Approx. 2 hours

Step 1: MARQUIS2 Abstract


Step 2: MARQUIS Introduction Slide Deck


Step 3: MARQUIS Pharmacist Training Video 1


Step 4: BPMH High Performance Checklist


Step 5: MARQUIS BPMH Tri Fold Pocket Card


Do you need assistance or guidance improving medication reconciliation at your hospital?

Consider the MARQUIS Med Rec Collaborative.

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