Best Possible Medication History (BPMH)
Train the Trainer Materials


There is a best way to take a patient's pre-admission medication history. The BPMH Train the Trainers materials provide you with what you need to teach providers at your institution how to take the Best Possible Medication History (BPMH). First, review all the materials here.

When you train others (i.e. Pharm Techs, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, etc.) on how to take a BPMH, use this slide deck and these simulation cases to train them and then certify their competency. For training, you will put trainees into groups of three and do three of the simulation cases so that each participant can play each role.

For certification of competency, we recommend having one person (ideally a trained professional) play the role of the patient and for the faculty supervisor to be the observer, while one trainee at a time acts as the clinician.

You will also want to do periodic observations of staff taking histories of real patients to ensure that they are exhibiting all the high performance behaviors outlined in the checklist, and we encourage you to use the checklist of behaviors for faculty observers when observing and auditing staff. The "observation of work" form is a tool to be used when observing the history-taking process at your institution as a whole. The pocket card and checklist for history-takers are references for your trainees.



Step 1: BPMH Training Slide Deck


Step 2: BPMH Reference Pocket Card


Step 3: Taking a Good Medication History (Video)


Step 4: Observation Instruction Bundle

Observation of Work Using Sieps

Checklist of Behaviors for Faculty Observers

High Performance Checklist for History Takers

Step 5: Simulation Case 1 Materials


Step 6: Simulation Case 2 Materials


Step 7: Simulation Case 3 Materials


Step 8: Simulation Case 4 Materials


Step 9: Simulation Case 5 Materials


Step 10: Simulation Case 6 Materials


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